First 3 things you MUST do after getting a DUI

You've just been arrested and charged with a DUI.  You've spent the night in a holding cell for the state mandated amount of time to sober up before you are allowed to bond out of jail.  Now what?  The following are the first 3 things you MUST do at once.  

As you leave the jail you are given multiple items including your personal items as well as some paperwork.  Make copies of all of your documents and bring the original documents with you to your free consultation at Buda Law.  

1. The first step you MUST do is to make a copy of your DUI citation.  This paper will act as your driver's license for the 10 days following your arrest date.  The police, more than likely, confiscated your driver's license.  You MUST keep this copy of the DUI citation with you during this time while you drive.  There will be places you must drive to during these 10 days.  When you hire Buda Law, we will go over all the options to allow you to get back your driving privilege.  

2. Another document you receive from the jail will be the impound paperwork for your vehicle.  Most of the time the impound lot will be from a rotating list that the arresting police agency uses.  These companies charge a lot of money per day to impound your vehicle.  You MUST take that paperwork to the impound lot as soon as you get out of jail and pay the fee to retrieve your vehicle.  This will save you lots of money.  

3. Now that this is done, you MUST consult with a DUI attorney.  If the above has been helpful and informative and has hopefully saved you some money, imagine what else we can do for you here at Buda Law.  At Buda Law we will make sure that all of the necessary steps are done to help you get through this difficult time.  At the initial free consultation we listen to the facts of the case, tell you how we can help, and answer any questions you may have.  

Once you have made a decision to hire us, we will begin a plan of attack, beginning with making sure some of your driving privileges are reinstated.  Every case is different and every plan of attack will also be different.  The main goal at Buda Law is to break down the legal language into understandable information, take the facts of your case, and come up with the best plan of attack to help you get through this tough time and most importantly, to be able to sleep good at night knowing that Buda Law is here to help you through this entire ordeal.