Case Results

  • Case Dismissed
    Domestic Assault
    Client was accused of threatening to hit her wife.
  • Case Dismissed
    Domestic Battery
    Client was accused of punching her boyfriend in the face, leaving a bruise.
  • Case Dismissed
    Driving while license suspended or revoked
    My client was driving while her license was suspended for unpaid parking tickets resulting in her being arrested.
  • Penalty Reduced

    Client was arrested for Driving Under the Influence and provided a breathalyzer test of over a 0.15.

    Outcome: Case Reduced from a DUI to a Reckless Driving.

  • Not Guilty Trial Verdict

    Client was charged with DUI. He admitted to drinking two drinks and the police conducted field sobriety tests including HGN, walk and turn, and one leg stand. He refused a breathalyzer test.

  • Out of Jail
    DUI Violation of Probation

    My client has violated probation two different times both times for failing a drug test.

    Got client out of jail, twice, and back on probation instead of serving a lengthy jail sentence